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Elite Commonwealth Property Management Services:

  • Maintain all Association business records
  • Ensure proper repair and maintenance of Association property and common grounds
  • Obtain competitive bids from contractors
  • Maintain costs through obtaining quotations conducting negotiations and preparation of contracts to be approved by Board /HOA
  • Prepare annual budget for HOA review
  • Assist Associations certified public accountant in the preparation of an annual financial statement and tax return
  • Attend annual meetings
  • Work with the Associations attorney
  • Pick up mail at local PO Box
  • Establish and enforce delinquency procedures
  • Assist in the formulation of rules, regulations and /or amendments, as well as provide suggestions on possible amendments to the Association's By-laws or Declarations 
  • Coordinate activity with local Borough/Township officials
  • Prepare for Annual meeting, including nominations for Board elections and ballots
  • Any and all necessary management services to ensure the smooth operation of the Association
  • Monitor neighborhood and enforce By-laws with the approval of the HOA Board
  • Hire and supervise all maintenance personnel

Elite Commonwealth Property Management, LLC